NUX Mighty 20 MKII


NUX Mighty 20 MKII Compact Guitar Amplifier

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Revamped Excellence: The Ultimate Modeling Amp

Born from the legacy of the acclaimed MIGHTY 20 BT, the NUX MIGHTY 20 MKII marks a significant evolution in sonic capability. Seamlessly transitioning from the intimate confines of bedroom practice to the grandeur of commanding center stage performances, the MIGHTY 20 MKII ensures a dynamic and versatile sonic experience at every turn. With a focus on quality and power, this amplifier embodies a new era in musical expression, delivering a seamless and unparalleled journey for musicians ready to elevate their craft.

From Bedroom Beginnings To Stage-Worthy Brilliance

From bedroom practice to commanding the stage, this amp represents a transformative journey in sound. With 20 watts of power, it’s engineered to amplify your music seamlessly, transitioning effortlessly from intimate rehearsals to commanding live performances. This amp is more than just equipment; it’s your reliable companion,

supporting your musical evolution every step of the way.


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