NUX DM-7 Digital Drum Set (All Mesh Heads)


NUX DM-7 Digital Drum Set (All Mesh Heads)

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NUX DM-7 Digital Drum Set

DM-7 is a professional digital drum set equipped with all mesh heads.

It has 30 precisely-sampled studio kits, a customizable sound library, and a simple interface, providing you with the most realistic drum sounds.

Featuring velocity-sensitive triggers, you can set parameters for your drum pads and cymbals, to ensure the most accurate and natural response.

In addition, practice mode offers recording and 5 types of coach functions. And various effects are available when you are playing the dm-7.

Snare Head Made by REMO

REMO, a globally renowned drumhead brand, provides mesh heads for DM-7 snare drums, ensuring the most natural response.

The new 8-inch mesh snare PDX-8A, together with NUX’s advanced DM-7 module, provides a natural snare drumming experience.

And the mesh head provided by REMO brings the feel of striking to a new level.

No matter triggering accuracy or strike response, the PDX-8A stands out in all aspects, resulting in a complete and authentic playing feel.

Customizable Sound Library

DM-7 has 30 sets of preset kits, as well as 18 sets of user kits for you to get creative. Just turn the INSTRUMENT knob and hit the pad

to call up the sound assigned to it, use the UP and DOWN button to select the instrument, and edit it the way you want.

Meanwhile, you can add effects on the kit with ONE KNOB function: Overdrive, Compressor, Reverb and Tune (all editable).


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